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Enel X Parmacotto

Renewable energy for Italy’s food excellence: Parmacotto and Enel X

Parmacotto’s two photovoltaic plants will help the Italian food company achieve sustainability targets.

Italian food group Parmacotto asked Enel X to join forces to accelerate on its path towards sustainability. In 2022, Enel X will install two photovoltaic plants: one, with the ESCo formula,  will have a capacity of 972 kWp of clean energy, enabling Parmacotto to reduce its carbon emissions by 10,000 tons over a period of 25 years. The second plant, with a capacity of 342 kWp, will cut CO₂ emissions by 4,500 over the same period and will be a spot sale. Moreover, Enel X is supporting Parmacotto with consultancy services for its sustainability reporting.

The client

Based in Parma, in the heartland of Italy’s world-renowned food district, Parmacotto is a privately-held company founded in 1978 and one of Italy’s leading sliced ham producers. It operates four factories in the area around Parma, employing around 270 people. Parmacotto recently launched a new platform called #FeelingGood to promote a healthy lifestyle, social inclusion, and environmental protection.

The agreement’s benefits

Enel X’s challenge

Parmacotto’s goal is to embark on the path of energy efficiency and self-generation of renewable energy, achieving an increase in business competitiveness on one hand, and the reduction of CO₂ emissions on the other.
Parmacotto is on track to install solar panels at two sites in the heart of Italy’s “Food Valley.” The first, working with Cogenio, an energy efficiency services platform, will produce up to 972 kWp of clean energy, and the second calls for a spot sale agreement for as much as 342 kWp.
The two solar power projects will help enable Parmacotto to reach its carbon-reduction goals. The first project will cut CO₂ emissions by 10,000 tons over 25 years. The second will reduce carbon emissions by 180 tons per year, or a total of 4,500 tons in a quarter-century period. 
Enel X’s challenge