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Understanding the benefits of electrification

Scaling up electrification for smarter, more efficient, greener energy usage

Published on MAY 18 2021

Benefits of electrification: why is it important?

Beneficial electrictrification has grown in recognition over the years as buzz words for cheaper, greener and smarter means for energy needs, but to some, the concept remains unfamiliar. 

Electrification is smarter energy implementation but it’s more than just a strategy, it’s an individual, community and the global imperative. The benefits of electrification include  overall savings, optimized integrations, improved health from reduced climate and air pollution, and a cleaner climate.

Electrification can stop climate change

Electrification can stop climate change

More electricity, much less carbon, plus digital management to hold down global warming

Speeding up the electrification process

With renewal energy taking on more and more importance, we prioritize strategic electrification by implementing  digital networks that address  the need to generate electricity from renewable sources, as well as targeting the replacement of fossil fuel in end-use sectors. 

We’re creating solutions for  better energy intelligence and offering smart and efficient services for individuals,  businesses and cities to transform usage for a near immediate impact on climate change and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

Our electrification focuses on the decarbonization of electricity generation, while focusing on flexibility in managing increased demand. Services include smart electric mobility through a variety of transportation and utility options including electric buse, electric vehicles, EV batteries, charging stations and EV charging programs for individual, businesses and cities.  Smart grid systems for air conditioning, power stations and optimized digital networks in both residences and commercial properties are evolving into greener operations, while energy efficient public lighting and buildings, and remote control and digital monitoring systems contribute to more efficient Digital cities.

Beneficial Electrification at 2021 GSEP CEO Summit

Time is now. There is growing demand for efficient and cost-effective electrification -especially in end use services - to reach climate goals and ameliorate the environs for now and the future. May 2021’s GSEP CEO Summit “Electrification: The Bridge to a Global Clean Energy Economy and Social Advancement” puts the dialogue on beneficial electrification at center stage with an illuminating electrification report  that showcases the great potential and benefits of electrification worldwide, innovative applications and end results. We invite all of you to join in the GSEP CEO Summit and participate in transforming electrification.