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Numera Enel X partnership

Photovoltaic and Battery Storage System: the winning combo for Numera

Enel X and Numera partner for energy transition: the installation of photovoltaic panels together with a Battery Energy Storage System cut energy costs by 86%

Thanks to the agreement between Numera and Enel X, a photovoltaic system with a 650 kW peak capacity and a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) will be installed at the company’s headquarters in Sassari, Sardinia. The plant not only enables significant savings on energy costs, it also improves the company’s carbon footprint, drastically decreasing its emissions


The project is part of a broader program which envisions Sardinia as the ideal land to launch a gradual decarbonization process. The underlying hope is that this important initiative will serve as a model for government authorities and companies, guiding them in the green energy transition and electrification.


The client

Numera is an IT services company that works both with the private sector- banks and businesses in particular- and with public administrations. Since 1986 it focuses on development, the integration and distribution of IT services, centered in particular on electronic payments and document management.

The agreement’s benefits

Enel X’s challenge

Numera aims to reach energy efficiency and self-sufficiency for its headquarters in Sassari, Sardinia, thereby reducing emissions and attaining its sustainability objectives.
Enel X will install a new generation photovoltaic plant - which at peak service can sustain 650 KW - on the roof of the Numera headquarters in Sassari combined with an Energy Storage Battery System (BESS) of 300 kVA/558 Kwh.
The Italian company will be able to fully harness the power of the energy produced by the photovoltaic plant, thereby increasing its energy self-sufficiency by 80% and reducing related costs by 86%. In addition, the plant will contribute to reaching sustainability objectives thanks to an emission reduction of 320 tons per year. Lastly, the BESS energy storage system will allow Numera to release the stored power during the daylight hours, further improving energy efficiency and self-sufficiency.
Enel X’s challenge