Global Partnership

Global Partnership

Working together to change the way the world uses energy

Partnerships for a Sustainable World

The Enel X partner community is one with a shared vision of how we can transform the way we use energy on the path to a circular economy and a decarbonized way of life. We’ll work with you to maximize your revenue and drive your profitability by turning sustainable choices into a competitive advantage. Offering integrated services and turnkey digital solutions, Enel X is the partner of choice for commercial and industrial (C&I) businesses and dynamic start-ups alike. Underpinned by our comprehensive resources, technological expertise and proven track record, our partnerships are designed to maximize your success.

Reseller Partnership

Enel X approved vendors promote our services, and contract directly with end customers under a reseller agreement. Resellers generally include solar developers, Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) providers, electronic control components providers and facility management and real estate companies. Enel X can assist partners in the commissioning and operations processes of the projects where needed.

e-Mobility Partner Program

Join us and become a catalyst for electric mobility around the world

Referral Partnership

Sale through indirect channels: the referral partner brings Enel X an advanced lead with a customer and if we sign a contract, we either pay a referral fee or share the revenues with that partner. Enel X joins partners in marketing, go-to-market and sales motions to provide our clients with a broader service offering to generate qualified leads. Typical referral partners include accounting firms, sustainability consultants and strategic consultants.

Financial Partnership

We partner with investors, sharing BESS and DE project ownership and risks. We are open to two partnership types: a Joint Venture with an investment fund, sharing our technical know-how, relevant projects pipeline and asset ownership. Or Project Financing: the partner finances the client’s project at the best market conditions and project ownership remains in the hands of the client. In both cases, the assets can benefit from Enel X DR solutions, unlocking additional revenue streams.

Equipment Manufacturer (Industrial) Partnership

An industrial partner, such as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), proposes advanced leads with customers to Enel X. In this win-win partnership, the OEM provides its products while Enel X provides Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) and/or Energy Service Company (ESCo) services to our partners’ customers.

Contractors (Industrial)

As General Contractor, Enel X seeks trusted partners in its countries of presence along the whole value chain:: subcontractors in engineering & construction and electromechanical mountings, as well as tailor-made SCADA system providers developing hardware and software configurations.


Enel X contributes its know-how and its financial capacity to partnerships with developers who bring business opportunities. Enel X helps them integrate sustainable solutions (e.g. DR, Storage and DERs)into their business model and bundles HW plus SW plus grid services solutions. Enel X becomes the trusted market access provider for its partners.

Platform/SW providers

Partnerships with third-party platform and secure wireless (SW) providers for market access, optimization, aggregation, small DER control, and trading.

Commercial Service Providers

Partnerships with service providers that control an aggregate of flexible capacity providers in sectors such as commercial real estate, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), and electric vehicle chargers.