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Gliding silently along São Paulo’s streets in quiet and clean eBuses

Brazil’s biggest city asked Enel X for an electric bus and recharging solution to clean up urban air and cut emissions

The University of Jaén

The University of Jaén and Enel X for sustainable education

Enel X has helped the university campuses of Lagunillas and Linares embark on a journey of sustainability, thanks to photovoltaics

electric public transport bogota

Public Transport: the solution for Bogotá

Enel X has modernized the public transport mobility system in Bogotá by supplying several eBuses and charging stations: find out more now!

public lighting la florida

Efficient Public Lighting: the solution for La Florida

Enel X installed a new generation LED lighting system to improve the energy efficiency of La Florida and cut energy expenditure

Novo Rio Pinheiros Cycle Path

Smart Public Lighting: the Solution for São Paulo

Enel X has installed 628 smart lighting points and several solar trees along 14 km of Sao Paolo's cycling trail

sustainable parking Mateu Orfila Hospital

Sustainable Parking: the case of Mateu Orfila Hospital

In order to diminish the structure’s environmental impact, Enel X will develop a new public parking for the General Orfila Mateu hospital