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At the Heart of our Culture

The pillars of our commitment to excellence: Health, Safety, Environment and Quality


At Enel X Global Retail, protecting health, safety and the environment is a daily commitment — in the workplace and everywhere. This is why we are committed to comply with all applicable regulations, as well as strict adherence to the highest quality, health, safety, environmental, anti-bribery and information security standards.


We also take voluntary, proactive measures to ensure workplace health and safety and environmental protection, and we have adopted an Integrated Management System based on the principle of continuous improvement.


Our commitment to health, safety, environmental protection and high quality products and services underlies all our efforts to develop innovative technologies and transformative solutions that meet customer expectations and requirements.

Principles and Policies

Our cultural ecosystem of health, safety and environmental protection, quality and anti-bribery is based on innovation, efficiency, and sustainability across all business domains — from our relationships with contractors and suppliers to customer care.

Our goals

Commitment to Decarbonization

To enable the reduction of CO2 emissions in the e-mobility and energy efficiency sectors through Enel X Global Retail products and services, quantifying the generated benefits.

Net Positive Impact on Urban Biodiversity

To generate a net positive impact on urban biodiversity and ecosystem services, developing nature-based solutions integrated in our business.

Circular and Eco-Designed Products and Services

To adopt in new products eco-design principles for prolonged use and resource reduction.

Increased Waste Recycling

To increase the percentage of recycled waste in all Enel X Global Retail countries of presence in addition to the adoption of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) models in the post-consumption phase of delivered products and services.

Plastic reduction in the Enel X Global Retail Workplace and products

  • To reduce single-use plastics in our Italian and Spanish offices.
  • To reduce single-use plastics in primary packaging of charging stations designed by EX.
  • To reduce single-use plastics in distributed products, promoting the best practice by Producers


Take care of our contractors to improve together.


Support our country HS colleagues to deliver HS Global policies and targets.

Team efforts

Whatever the strength of the individual is, we will accomplish more together.


Obtain and maintain organizational certifications to support business development.


Ensure process adherence to the highest HSEQ standards.


Guarantee the manufacturing and distribution of safe and high-quality products and services, compliant with applicable norms and regulations, and certified as needed.

Supplier Management

Implement a rigorous process for supplier selection, qualification and performance management.

Promote Trust and Confidence among Main Stakeholders

To promote and share a culture fostering integrity and fairness in order to promote trust and confidence among stakeholders.

Avoid Financial Loss and Reputational Damage

Our Code of Ethics preserves our reputation as a key to favor investments, customer loyalty, peace of mind for suppliers and reliability in the eyes of creditors.
Our goals


Consult our ethical guidelines

Enel X Integrated Policy

Our Integrated Management System adheres to the highest quality, health, safety, environmental and anti-bribery standards.

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Enel Stop Work Policy

Intervene swiftly to stop any activity that might jeopardize workplace health and safety or harm the environment.

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Enel Environmental Policy

Protecting the environment and natural resources, combating climate change, and striving for sustainable development are strategic to Enel’s activities.

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