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Where Great Stories Begin

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Report on urban e-mobility to reduce smog

The key to ridding our cities of smog

A report by the Enel Foundation and Navigant shows that electrifying public transportation can cut air pollution

Enel X’s smart urban furniture based on renewables sources

Enel X goes off grid with smart street furniture

Simple urban furniture that cities take for granted become high-tech multifunctional devices running on solar power


The Future of Remotization in Electric Utilities with Enel X

how to stop climate crisis

Electrification can stop the climate crisis

More electricity, much less carbon, plus digital management to hold down global warming

Intelligent platforms

Intelligent platforms to make energy consumption more efficient

Enel X is helping clients understand, optimise and manage their energy consumption in a way that is efficient

How does sustainability save money and reduce costs?

Sustainability is not an expensive “nice to have”, but it can be another way your business can spend less