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Net-Zero Advisory Solutions

Net Zero Advisory Services

Track and report your direct & indirect emissions, design a customized decarbonization strategy and achieve your Net Zero targets

Achieve your Decarbonization Goals

Companies need to move fast to meet carbon-reduction goals, while still focusing on their core business. However, designing and executing a global decarbonization roadmap takes more than a vision. In an increasingly complex energy world, developing and implementing an optimal plan requires deep expertise and solutions customized to each organization. Start taking ambitious climate action with Enel X Global Retail, leading the way to a Net-Zero economy. We help companies like yours, in taking ambitious climate action, leading the way to a Net Zero economy. We offer a broad range of advisory services, from energy supply and risk management to GHG emissions reporting and workshops on carbon roadmaps. The implementation of renewable energy solutions is enhanced by our own digital applications. The latter helps our advisors streamline sustainability reporting and gain actionable insights about customer Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions; so they can report to corporate or regulatory stakeholders and plan and act on Net Zero and sustainability strategies.

Why Enel X Global Retail?


Stay up to date with market trends globally

Receive updates on the market and regulatory changes that could affect your energy spend and get advice on how to react. 

Account your Emissions

Track and calculate Scope 1, 2 and 3 portfolio-wide emissions and make your reporting ready to meet regulatory standards.

Create a Tailored Decarbonization strategy

Use our proven renewable energy workshop to develop decarbonization targets for your business and supply chain, while aligning stakeholders to ensure that you are ready to act.

Improve Your Supply Risk Management Strategy

We’ll develop a customized plan and identity the best time to go to market, to help you hedge against volatile energy markets.

Advise on how and when to purchase EACs

Our knowledgeable team can provide you access to all Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) in any market where you have a presence, acting as a single point of contact for all your needs.

Report your emissions and improve your CDP score

As Gold Accredited Solutions Provider, we can support you in the CDP disclosing process.

Get the best available Renewable Energy Agreement

Our team will leverage our proven bid process to encourage competition, evaluate offers and secure the best price for purchase.
Why Enel X

Energy Consulting

Energy consulting services to support customers in understanding, optimizing and managing their consumption in an efficient and sustainable way, helping them to define a personalized strategic path to achieve sustainability goals.

Enel X video about Energy Consulting