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Distributed Energy Generation and Infrastructure Solutions

Distributed Energy Generation and Infrastructure Solutions

Save money and improve your site’s resiliency by generating sustainable power locally

All the Energy You Need, Self-Generated

The energy industry is experiencing a major transformation driven by urbanization, decarbonization, electrification, digitalization and the emergence of new customer needs. Energy-related trends are shaping today’s rapidly evolving power industry, and more and more companies are choosing alternative energy sources to meet a variety of needs: to reduce emissions, improve sustainability, manage risk, save money, increase efficiency and power reliability, generate power off-grid, and reduce energy spending. With the aim of transforming businesses into energy producers, as well as consumers, Enel X Global Retail offers enterprises renewable technologies and digital solutions that enable them to manage their own energy efficiently and cost effectively. The ecosystem of advanced solutions available to customers can support self-production, accumulation and exchange on the network, maximizing profits through software and hardware services, which increase the company's competitive advantage.

Why Enel X?


Cutting-Edge Technology & Ecosystem

We not only deliver state-of-the-art technology that allows for self-produced energy, we also provide our customers with an ecosystem of software and hardware solutions that maximize their bottom line.

Deeper Experience

We have a proven track record of delivering global utility scale and commercial and industrial projects. Through our expertise, we can provide flawless operations and delivery of customer sided assets.

Circular Economy & Sustainability

We help businesses become more aware of their as-is circularity, access new energy saving opportunities and make a stronger brand statement around their sustainability efforts.

Global Scope

Enel X can support customers’ renewable energy projects worldwide. Counting on our global footprint, we can deliver reliable DE and infrastructure solutions so that customers can cut energy spending and emissions while hedging against risks linked to energy price volatility.

Financial Stability & Commercial Flexibility

Backed by the balance sheet of the Enel Group, and thanks to our broad portfolio of integrated solutions, Enel X is a stable partner for long-term agreements. Commercial flexibility enables Enel X to offer a range of financing options that best align with customers’ needs.

Circular Economy Report for C&I Customers

A leader in innovation and sustainability, Enel X is committed to promoting a more widespread adoption of the Circular Economy model. Our Circular Economy Report provides our Commercial & Industrial (C&I) customers with a reliable tool that assesses their energy circularity and identifies ways to boost it. Based on insights gained from this report, Enel X works closely with clients to design a tailored roadmap aimed at achieving energy circularity, drawing on its portfolio of cutting-edge solutions for private and public use. Our Circular Economy Report is certified by the international body RINA.
Why Enel X?

Our expertise can meet your specific needs

As an expert partner in your industrial sector, we bring you the most advanced renewable energy solutions and adapt them to your specific needs. Do you want to decarbonize your operations, save money and protect the environment? Our know-how can make it happen.

Enel X video about distributed energy generation