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energy flexibility solutions

Flexibility Solutions and Demand Response

Transforming energy from a cost into a sustainable opportunity

Leading the way in energy flexibility

With the inexorable rise of renewables, flexibility is becoming increasingly relevant in the energy mix. Because these sources are intermittent and non-programmable, we must find alternative sources of flexibility to guarantee a constant balance between supply and demand and avoid grid inefficiencies. This is why utility and grid-sponsored Demand Response (DR) and flexibility programs allow companies to be compensated for their ability to be flexible about when they use energy. Enel X is at the forefront of energy innovation and a global leader in Demand Response, with a 8.1 GW capacity managed offered. Our Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) approach enables the global transition to a sustainable economy. Enel X is the preferred platform and energy partner that businesses, Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and asset owners can use to manage their energy portfolio and price risk, accessing the full value of power flexibility thanks to our innovative, customizable energy solutions. Through our Flexibility Portfolio of integrated energy solutions, companies can monetize their flexible energy consumption profiles and the electricity they produce on-site, increase their resiliency and contribute to grid stability, while decarbonizing.

Why Enel X?


Demand Response Global Leader

• World's leading Demand Response provider with a presence in 15 countries and access to over 75 programmes, managing 8.1 GW as of 2024.
• Part of Enel Group, with over 50 years’ experience in energy
• 6,000 business partners globally
• Proven track record and ability to monetize customers’ energy assets in complex markets
• Streaming data from 15,000+ enterprise sites
• More than $200 million invested in technology to date
• Network Operations Center and customer support 24/7/365
• More than 2,800 employees globally

New Revenues

Our solutions are backed by financial options that match your requirements, enabling you to transform energy from a cost into a source of revenue.

More Savings

We help you save by exploiting daytime price variations and cutting additional costs generated by energy use during peak periods.


Our cutting-edge, integrated flexibility solutions are the best choice to optimize the potential of your power plant, giving you full visibility into energy consumption trends.

Improved Resilience

Our solutions help maintain power grid stability, avoiding inefficiencies and blackouts and increasing the resiliency of your company.

Boosting Circularity

Our flexibility solutions allow for better integration of renewable sources into the grid, enabling you to achieve your sustainability goals and to boost the circularity of your business.
why Enel X