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Education and self-consumption: the Globeducate case

Together with Endesa X the global education network will fight climate change by installing solar panels at its schools in Spain

Globeducate Espana turned to Endesa X for a sustainability project that involves both installing photovoltaic panels at its nine schools in Spain and educating its students about the benefits of renewable energy.

Endesa X will install 2,040 PV modules on the roofs of Globeducate's school buildings, enough to generate total power output of 1.1 MWp and produce some 1,200 MWh/year while at the same time reducing the schools' annual carbon emissions by 293 tons, equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide that can be absorbed annually by 1,755 trees.


The client

Globeducate is a network of more than 55 premium international schools and online programs. Globeducate has a presence in ten countries on three continents and its schools offer a complete K-12, bi-lingual (English and local language) curriculum to more than 31,000 students.

The agreement's benefits

Enel X's challenge

Globeducate and Endesa X were seeking a way to raise awareness about the environment and sustainability among Globeducate's students while at the same time enabling self-generation of clean energy and a reduction of emissions at the education company’s nine schools in Spain.
Through the installation of 2,040 photovoltaic modules on the flat rooftops of Globeducate's schools, the project is expected to generate 1.1 MWp of maximum power and produce 1,200 MWh of energy annually. This will enable Globeducate's Spanish schools to cover about 30% of their annual energy needs, as well as to reduce their carbon footprint by 293 tons - the equivalent of the amount absorbed each year by 1,755 trees.
The installation of PV modules at Globeducate's nine Spanish schools will reduce traditional energy consumption needs, lowering the schools' environmental impact. From an educational point of view, it will help spread awareness among local communities about the importance of adopting measures that generate a real return in terms of environmental protection - both locally and globally - through opening a new educational channel that involves students in both the installation of the panels and in monitoring their performance and impacts on the local environment.
Enel X’s challenge