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Novo Rio Pinheiros Cycle Path

Novo Rio Pinheiros Cycle Path

Smart public lighting for São Paolo’s redevelopment of the Pinheiros River area

The collaboration between Enel Distribuição São Paulo, Enel X and the administration in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, as many as 628 new smart lighting points were installed along 14 km of a biking trail along the Pinheiros river, as part of the redevelopment of the adjacent area.

The client

The Novo Rio Pinheiros program is a project launched by the State of São Paulo aimed at  redeveloping the area adjacent to the Pinheiros river - an important symbol of the city - and the river itself. As part of this project, the idea is to further integrate the river into the daily lives of its citizens, encouraging them to use the river’s banks. The renewal of the cycling trail was an important aspect of the program due to the fact that it runs for over 21 km along the Pinheiros river, an attraction for approximately 70.000 cyclists per month. This is part of a broader plan set up by the State government of São Paulo to transform the area into the first smart cycling trail in the country.

The agreement’s benefits

Enel X’s challenge

The needs of the Novo Rio Pinheiros program refer to making the public lighting system of the new cycling trail more efficient, with the final aim of redeveloping the entire area adjacent to the Pinheiro river. This idea is to leverage this city’s symbol to attract a higher number of citizens and tourists, improving the environmental impact and providing smart services that use innovative technologies. 
Enel X has installed 628 smart lighting points along 14 km of the cycling trail which can be controlled remotely. In addition, along the trail, a number of Solar Trees were installed. These are smartphone and tablet charging devices based on renewable energy which have photovoltaic cells and decorative LED lighting, designed to blend in with the environment.
Thanks to the public smart lighting system, energy efficiency and management was optimized. The remote control enables the lighting to adapt according to the specific needs and hours of the day. The overall redevelopment of the area, with technologically advanced and sustainable systems, provides improved services and increases security for citizens that use the cycling trail. Other services related to the concept of a Smart City, for example are: public Wi-Fi, smart sensors that can detect the number of cyclers on the path and can monitor wind speed, security cameras that can identify accidents, damages or the presence of animals along the trail. These are all part of a system of innovative products that can radically transform urban areas
Enel X’s challenge