The first integrated photovoltaic and storage system in Italy

The first integrated photovoltaic and storage system in Italy

Enel X has become a key ally for Numera in the energy transition era: this is an important example of electrification in Sardinia

Published on MARCH 14, 2022
As the world undergoes the unprecedented change of energy transition, we see how everyone is affected by it: people and communities, businesses and industries, and local, national and global institutions. Electricity is at the center of the energy transition and the road to its implementation is the electrification of uses and consumption. Enel X will install for the first time in Italy a photovoltaic system paired with a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) for Numera, a large datacenter located in Sardinia, Italy. Thanks to this bundled solution, our client will be able to fully harness the energy produced by the PV plant and thus increase its energy autonomy by more than 80%, resulting in environmental and economic benefits through savings of 86% on energy costs.


The process driving the energy transition for a sustainable world

A strategic agreement in Italy

Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Integrated solutions to save energy and boost your business

The aim of this strategic agreement is to help Numera cut CO₂ emissions by 320 tons per year: the Company will reach a significant sustainability goal by installing 650 kWp PV on the headquarters’ rooftop. Furthermore, Numera will become more energy efficient thanks to the installation of a 300 kVA/558 kWh BESS, which will release the stored energy from the PV during the daily demand peak.   


This project aims to meet a broader objective: setting Sardinia on a gradual path to a net carbon zero target, establishing it as a prototype for other companies and institutions to follow suit, implementing green energy production and its optimization.

Enel X and Numera: two companies committed to innovation and sustainability

The agreement signed by Enel X and Numera reflects the commitment of both companies towards innovation and sustainability.


As noted by Francesco Chiari, General Director of Numera, “we wanted an energy solution that would allow us to have green energy even at times when the photovoltaic plant is unable to operate”.


The solution presented, as explained by Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X Global Retail Italy, was achieved by “integrating two technologies - the photovoltaic and BESS – which make the enterprise sustainable, efficient and flexible”.

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Enabling sustainable progress, together

“This project, which we will be realized with a prestigious and trusted partner as Enel X, coincides fully with the role that our Group is looking to play as a driver of sustainable growth and environmental protection, and we are therefore delighted to be able to have a concrete application here in Sardinia,” added Giuseppe Cuccurese, General Manager of Banco di Sardegna.

Sardinia on the path becoming Italy’s greenest region

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We are leading the change, accelerating the energy transition

Numera Systems and IT (Sistemi e Informatica S.p.A) is a company that develops software and IT services, with a focus on electronic payments and document management.


As highlighted by Augusto Raggi, the agreement with Numera is a  first important step towards consumption decarbonization and electrification and it will allow Sardinia to become the greenest region in Italy.


As noted by Raggi, Enel X has found in Numera a management committed to sustainability and value-creation for all.

This change was sparked by climate change and the need to find a green solution to cut energy costs. Enel X promotes and prioritizes electrification as a winning tool to boost the energy transition, reduce the impact of climate change, achieve decarbonization and construct a new model of sustainable development. As Enel X, we believe in innovation and digitalization and have the capacity to translate these drivers into an ecosystem of solutions for businesses. We are committed to implementing sustainability and electrification and to meet Commercial and Industrial customers’ needs towards a sustainable and efficient solution like the Battery Energy Storage paired with PV across Italy.