The process driving the energy transition for a sustainable world

The Energy Transition

We are undergoing an unprecedented change known as the energy transition. This change affects everyone, individually and collectively: people and communities, businesses and industry, and local, national and global institutions. 

This change is sparked by the meeting of two epochal events: climate change and the need to find a solution. At the center of the energy transition is electricity, and the road to implementing it is the electrification of uses and consumption.


The Meaning of Electrification


What do we mean when we talk about electrification of uses? We mean using electricity as a carrier to provide services previously met by other energy sources. Electrification is not to be confused with access to electricity, the electricity supply and infrastructure, an electrical product or service, or a commodity.

Electrification in the race to zero emissions

The Extreme E championship highlights the impacts of climate change and points to electrification as the way forward in the fight to contain global warming.

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Electric bus terminal with electric buses

Electrification as a driver for decarbonization

Powering our transportation systems, cities and businesses with electricity generated by renewables is a key strategy in the global effort to cut emissions

How renewable energy can drive electrification

How renewable energy can drive electrification

Using renewables to electrify our economies and our societies means taking climate action through decarbonization

Understanding the benefits of electrification

Understanding the benefits of electrification

Scaling up electrification for smarter, more efficient, greener energy usage

factory powered by solar panels

Electrification's role in the energy transition

Switching from fossil fuels to decarbonized electricity to power our cities and economies can help humanity achieve zero emissions


The Future of Remotization in Electric Utilities with Enel X

The Second Life of EV Batteries

The Second Life of EV Batteries


The Enel X Commitment to Electrification

We promote and prioritize electrification as a winning tool to bring about the energy transition, reduce the impact of climate change, achieve decarbonization and construct a new model of sustainable development.

We have a vocation for innovation and digitalization, plus the capacity to translate these drivers into an ecosystem of solutions for people, cities and businesses. 

Innovation & Sustainability

Innovation & Sustainability

Leading the way to climate-proof technological transformation

Circular Economy

Circular economy

Moving towards a digitalized, waste-free production and consumption model