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Our Approach

Our Approach

We improve people’s daily lives by enabling everyone to actively make better energy choices.

Be in control of your energy

The world is becoming increasingly complex, and we find ourselves in a time of substantial changes, experiencing themes of uncertainty and scarcity. The energy sector has always been at the center of human evolution. In these challenging circumstances, people, companies, and governments are looking for clarity, in addition to simple and effective solutions that allow for an active role in the management and decision-making around energy consumption and habits.

Why Enel X Global Retail

Enel X Global Retail enables customers to actively make more sustainable, affordable and effcient choices as well as to be in control of energy management and consumption, providing an easy to-use and integrated ecosystem of solutions for home efficiency and self care: electricity, gas, fiber, cooling and heating solutions, photovoltaics, smart home devices, assistance services, to guarantee them more savings, efficiency, comfort and safety in their homes and in daily lives, always adopting a human approach combined with its innovative mindset and a complete and integrated offer by a unique and reliable supplier.
Enel X Global Retail enables commercial and industrial businesses to actively make better and efficient choices as well as to be in control of their energy assets managing the consumption while also reaching their sustainability goals, through an ecosystem of integrated solutions, such as advisory services and flexibility solutions to manage company assets, electrical energy supply, gas, fiber, energy generation, energy portfolio management and data intelligence. The aim is to increase competitiveness by optimizing energy spending, reducing risks, and creating new revenue streams, identifying the most suitable financing option, and establishing long-lasting business partnerships, thanks to the global presence, expertise, visionary mindset and Group’s reliability.
Enel X Global Retail enables public institutions to make better and efficient choices for their communities as well as to be in control of their energy management assets, by providing an electrified and digitalized urban infrastructure ecosystem combined with innovative solutions like smart lighting, energy efficiency services for public buildings, public electric mobility and data insights, in addition to electrical energy supply, gas and fiber. With the aim to satisfy citizens’ needs, optimizing the collective resources and supporting the development of more sustainable, livable and smarter cities, thanks to a global and trusted advisory approach that makes urban area investments worthwhile and streamlined.
Why Enel X Global Retail