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Demande Response Lineage Logistics

DR programs to help reach zero emissions: the case of Lineage Logistics

Enel X’s technologies are improving sustainability and efficiency in the logistics sector.

In 2017 Enel X and Lineage Logistics signed an agreement to involve the company in Demand Response programs. To date, Lineage is enrolled in 8 DR programs in 3 different countries for a total of 40 MW. For four years running, Lineage has won the “Better Plants Award” for its commitment to energy efficiency.

The client

Lineage Logistics is one of the leading operators in the temperature-controlled logistics industry. The company has long been committed to adopting technologically advanced solutions and operates in 20 countries. With the aim of achieving zero emissions by 2040, Lineage plans to reduce emissions and energy consumption through Enel X’s DR programs.

The agreement’s benefits

Enel X’s challenge

Lineage is endeavoring to reconcile its own production requirements with energy saving and sustainability targets, which consist of reducing CO₂ emissions and increasing energy resilience.
Enel X has added Lineage to its Demand Response programs, developing a personalized energy strategy designed to meet the specific needs of the logistics sector.
Demand Response solutions allow the company to generate income without putting its production process at risk. By modulating and optimizing energy consumption, Lineage will be able to save on energy costs while countering price volatility.
Enel X’s challenge