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Battery energy storage

Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Integrated solutions to save energy and boost your business

Helping Businesses Stay Ahead of the Curve

The growth of renewable energy means power grids need to become more flexible and resilient. As electrical systems are gradually becoming digital, we’re witnessing a rapid and radical transformation of the energy market, which is shifting to a decentralized system in which consumers generate the energy they need and offload the surplus onto the grid. Driven by these changing trends, battery energy storage is becoming a key technology to support the energy transition. Enel X Global Retail is among the leading global system integrators of behind-the-meter (BTM) Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), for a total installed capacity of 115 MW (behind-the-meter) at Q1 2024. Our three turnkey solutions — Standalone Storage, Solar-plus-Storage and Microgrid — are designed around the needs and business priorities of commercial and industrial (C&I) customers, enabling them to lower electricity bills, improve sustainability across the supply chain, activate backup power to avoid disruptions to daily operations and generate revenues on flexibility markets. Regardless of the chosen solution, the key enabler of these benefits is Enel X Global Retail’s cutting-edge DER Optimization Software (DER.OS), which powers the BESS from behind the scenes. The software leverages sophisticated machine learning and AI algorithms to extract maximum value for the customer from the synergistic operations of the BESS, site loads and generation assets.

Why Enel X?


Wider Experience

We have a consolidated technical, digital and financial track record of delivering Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) installations globally. Through our expertise, we offer tailor-made and market-specific BESS solutions, providing flawless operations and delivery of customer sided assets.

Through our expertise, we offer tailor-made and market-specific BESS solutions, providing flawless operations and delivery of customer sided assets. Additionally, thanks to our broad portfolio of integrated products, we can personalize our offer to optimize the benefits of our solutions.



Economic Savings

We enable businesses to lower their electricity bills by reducing supply costs through efficient consumption management thanks to our cutting-edge DER Optimization Software (DER.OS). Our BESS solutions allow C&I companies to store locally generated energy surplus from renewable sources for use at a later time, thus reducing the degree of dependency of a network facility while compensating for the intermittent nature of renewables.

Boost Sustainability

The Enel X BESS solutions allow for better integration into the power grid of renewable sources that are intermittent and non-programmable by nature, thus contributing to the achievement of sustainability goals and to the adoption of circular business models.

Improve Resiliency

We bolster businesses’ competitiveness and resiliency to tackle potential issues in energy supply. Specifically, our BESS solutions guarantee supply continuity by managing interruptions in the power grid.

Earn New Revenues

Thanks to its ability to rapidly and accurately modulate generated or absorbed power, a BESS can provide the power grid with a wide range of services (such as Demand Response programs, Capacity Markets and Ancillary Services), balancing its supply while reducing management costs. We enable C&I businesses to capture these new revenue streams through a variety of business models.

Customized Financing Options

Enel X offers six customized financing options with business models that address every type of investment and customer need to reduce costs and boost the energy transition without sacrificing performance, efficiency, resiliency and sustainability: Direct Sale, Benefit Share, Lease, Site Lease, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and Hybrid Power Purchase Agreement (hPPA).
Why Enel X?
Infographic showing the value of BESS solutions