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Where Great Stories Begin

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enel x global retail ferrari

Enel X Global Retail team up with Ferrari

Enel X Global Retail is helping Ferrari to create Italy’s first industrial Renewable Energy Community (REC)

How data centers can support electricity grids

How data centers can support electricity grids

Enel X is helping data centers benefit by putting their energy generation, flexibility and storage to work for the grid

Energy efficiency in hotels

Sustainability in the hospitality and hotel industry

Find out now how Enel X has helped hotels in order to reduce energy bills and improve sustainability, to conserve energy and become more eco-friendly.

Enel X and Santander

Enel X and Santander: a partnership that delivers results

Santander’s financing and Enel X’s expertise help a growing number of both large companies and SMEs reach climate goals

benefits of Demand-Side Flexibility

Study quantifies benefits of Demand-Side Flexibility for 2030 targets

smartEn releases a major study carried out with the independent consultants from DNV showing how DSF can benefit both consumers and EU clean energy transition

save money and reduce costs

How does sustainability save money and reduce costs?

Sustainability is not an expensive “nice to have”, but it can be another way your business can spend less