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Sustainable logistics real estate thanks to WDP and Enel X

Sustainable logistics real estate thanks to WDP and Enel X

The agreement will lead to the installation of 6,700 photovoltaic panels on an area spanning 15,000 square meters

Enel X Romania is developing a solar park with a total capacity of 3MWp for the logistics real estate company WDP Romania. The recent agreement will create the first ever collaboration between Enel X Romania and a company in this sector, and will involve the installation of approximately 6,700 photovoltaic panels on the roofs of warehouses in the district of Ilfov.

The client

WDP is a market leader in logistics real estate; the listed company was originally founded in 1971. WDP develops and invests in offices and warehouses with full respect for the principles of sustainability, and currently has a portfolio of more than 6 million square meters of semi-industrial and logistics buildings. The company currently operates approximately 270 sites in the main logistics hubs of various European countries, including Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and Romania.  

The agreement’s benefits

Enel X’s challenge

WDP needs to invest in renewable energies in order to implement its Climate Action Plan, which commits the company to becoming Net-Zero by 2050. The plan outlines the development of a sustainable business capable of reducing energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions.
Enel X Romania has planned the installation of a 3MWp solar park equipped with approximately 6,700 photovoltaic panels that will be situated on the roofs of warehouses in Ștefăneștii de Jos in Ilfov. This partnership confirms Enel X’s role as a key partner for the real estate sector.
The solution proposed by Enel X will enable the company to self-produce 3,600 MWh of electricity from renewable sources each year, ensuring an economic savings on the company’s energy bill and reducing CO₂ emissions by 800 metric tons annually.
Enel X’s challenge