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Where Great Stories Begin

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How does sustainability save money and reduce costs?

Sustainability is not an expensive “nice to have”, but it can be another way your business can spend less

technical interventions for a sustainable home

“Made in Italy” is the key to sustainable homes accessible to all

Together with both large and small companies in Italy, Enel X strives to be a leader in innovative solutions for the sustainable home, accessible to all

energy efficient boiler

A quick guide to the new EU 2021 energy labels

The A to G scale on the new energy labels helps consumers identify the most energy efficient products on the market


What are energy efficient homes?

They are homes that save energy, lower utility bills, and cut greenhouse gas emissions

Homix Smart Home Device

HOMIX, a single solution for a smart home

Users can save energy and simplify everyday life at the same time, thanks to Enel X’s innovative smart home solution

solar panels for a sustainable world and a smart home

Solar Panels: reducing cost and saving the planet

Find out how to transform your home into a smart home: save money and electricity with Enel X's solar panels!