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The public transport revolution is taking off in Bogotá

In partnership with Enel X, the Colombian capital has deployed more than 800 electric buses to reduce polluting emissions on the city’s streets.

Transmilenio, the public transport system in Bogotá, has decided to modernize its fleet with electric buses in order to reduce the pollution generated by public transport. Enel X has contributed to upgrading sustainable public mobility through the supply of electric buses and the creation of new electro-terminals that can charge the buses in just a few hours.

The client

Colombia’s capital Bogotá has a population of over 8 million. The city’s severe pollution problems, which are due to rapid urbanization, prompted SITP to electrify its fleet of buses. The buses had previously used highly polluting diesel engines.

The agreement’s benefits

The challenge for Enel X

The city of Bogotá is one of the world’s 30 busiest cities in terms of road traffic. That is why it was necessary to drastically reduce the level of particulate matter, specially the pollution generated by the transport sector, which is responsible for 70% of total emissions. The goal is to contribute to decarbonization, reduce noise pollution, make transport more efficient and improve the quality of life for the city’s inhabitants.
As of August 2022, Enel X has supplied Bogotá’s Integrated Transport System (SITP, Sistema Integrado de Transporte Público) with more than 870 electric buses and completed the construction of six electro-terminals that can charge them.
Enel X’s sustainable mobility solutions ensure a reduction of 600,000 tons in terms of CO₂ emissions a year. Furthermore, the construction of electro-terminals and charging infrastructure has generated new jobs, thereby boosting the local economy. Finally, waste and scrap materials were collected and recycled in order to ensure the circularity of the project.
Enel X’s challenge