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The world of energy has changed and we are leading the charge. Our Open Innovation Model ensures clients get ahead - and stay ahead - of electrification and the energy transition curve

Meeting customers’ energy needs through Open Innovation

At Enel X Global Retail, we have created an innovation ecosystem made up of startups, research centers, universities, and clients, the idea being to open up our product experimentation to input from many different sources. 

We consider our competitive advantage to be the result of our Open Innovation Model, which is based on three 'steps'.



Innovation Hubs

Brilliant ideas can come from anywhere, but we know that the academic and business worlds are great places to look. Our Innovation Hubs are often a meeting point between the two.​

Customer Lab

Working with clients to create solutions

No solution can be successful unless the client is deeply involved in its development. This is why we have created our Customer Lab: through 35 Co-design and research Methodologies  and 13 agencies, the Lab allows quick identification of the approach to be used to develop a specific solution by enabling direct collaboration with our customers, whose feedback along the entire development process ensures the end product is tailored precisely to their needs. The Customer Lab also provides a framework for both testing each solution before it is introduced into the wider market and for surveying interest among the business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) segments.

UX Research

Methodologies selected to analyze how users interact with the solution or the touchpoint.

Product & Price Optimization

Research tools that help assess and maximize the value of the commercial solution for our customers.

Customer Knowledge

A set of services that enables collecting and analyzing client data, generating a 360-degree overview of market conditions, monitoring trends, segmenting targets and analyzing different needs.
customer lab
Second Life Batteries

Second life batteries

Batteries can have a second chance to create sustainable value, enabling a more efficient energy consumption

City Analytics for Smart Cities

The smart city: Enel X and City Analytics

City Analytics gathers Big Data to produce actionable information for city administrations

solutions for smart communities

Enel X rises to the challenges of smart communities

Rates of urbanization, new technologies and new demands mean it’s vital to get smart


Open for ideas

We have amplified and evolved our approach toward innovation, developing a new business model based on openness and collaborative partnerships that listens and finds the right solutions.

Open Innovability

Open Innovability

Our crowdsourcing platform for innovative and sustainable solutions.

Our Startup Partners

Our Startup Partners

The energy transition requires innovation, accelerated through collaboration with an open network of startups.