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Demand Response programs: US Cold Storage’s sustainability strategy

Demand Response programs: US Cold Storage’s sustainability strategy

United States Cold Storage is supporting sustainability with Enel X’s DR programs, which offer economic and environmental benefits

15 years ago, United States Cold Storage signed up to the Demand Response (DR) program proposed by Enel X. The logistics company, which specializes in temperature-controlled warehouses, consumes a large quantity of energy for its activities. It is therefore an excellent candidate for DR programs, and it is set to extend the partnership to include more than 20 sites in seven national programs. The company’s involvement in the programs will enable it to save energy in periods of lesser activity without risking the functioning of the refrigeration equipment. This is in addition to an economic return of 4million dollars. Furthermore, as the demand response supports the grid decarbonization, the project is part of the company’s commitment to sustainability which aims to eliminate carbon emissions entirely by 2050.

The client

United States Cold Storage is a leader in temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics, offering companies innovative structures and advanced logistics services in the cold chain sector. It was founded in 1899 and is headquartered in Camden, New Jersey, with a further 43 premises spread across mainland USA.

The agreement’s benefits

Enel X’s challenge

US Cold Storage wanted to implement a sustainability strategy that could lower the costs of its own activities, which require the consumption of large quantities of energy, while ensuring operational continuity and, at the same time, reducing carbon dioxide emissions.


Enel X invited US Cold Storage to take part in its DR programs, which consist of paying users that agree to reduce their energy use when the electricity grid is experiencing stress. Enel X proposed a wide range of programs to meet different clients’ needs, and US Cold Storage signed up to a number of programs in various regions of the United States. In order to lower the company’s energy consumption, the focus has mainly been on reducing the load connected to refrigeration equipment which, on its own, makes up around 70% of consumption, while constantly monitoring the temperature of the warehouses.
By getting involved in Enel X’s DR programs, US Cold Storage can benefit from earnings that amount to 4 million dollars and reduce consumption during the hours when the load on the electricity grid is at its greatest. Thanks to Enel X's experience and knowledge of the sector,the company’s refrigerated warehouses will not be subject to operational risks, and it will alsoresult in a significant positive impact on the environment.
Enel X’s challenge
Video about the demand response program