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Where Great Stories Begin

Where Great Stories Begin

Read about the experiences and achievements of Enel X Global Retail around the world

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Introducing Enel’s new strategic plan: a roadmap for a Net Zero world

Over 2024-26 Enel will invest billions in grids and renewables, becoming more customer-centric while focusing on financial sustainability

battery recycling for sustainable economic development

Innovability: an industrial supply chain for battery recycling

Enel X is participating in the Italian IPCEI program for the development of a supply chain to recycle batteries

Juicepole, open-air charging stations

Made in Italy engineering and a network of national partners for sustainable mobility

e-Mobility will become a bigger and bigger part of our lives, thanks in part to quality Italian partners and suppliers

technical interventions for a sustainable home

“Made in Italy” is the key to sustainable homes accessible to all

Together with both large and small companies in Italy, Enel X strives to be a leader in innovative solutions for the sustainable home, accessible to all

relationship between enel x and italian companies

Not just suppliers, but partners: Enel X supports the Made in Italy supply chain

Roughly 50% of Enel X’s overall spending relies on the Italian supply chain, and Italian businesses are an engine for the company’s strategic development.

Beneficial Electrification Opportunities Enel X

Understanding the benefits of electrification