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public lighting la florida

Efficient public lighting in Chile: the solution for La Florida

Enel X and its innovative technology improve public lighting in Chile

The client

La Florida is a municipality in Chile, located in the city of Santiago, with approximately over  400,000 inhabitants.

The agreement’s benefits

Enel X’s challenge

The municipality of La Florida needed to upgrade its public lighting infrastructure making it more efficient, not solely to save on energy costs but also to reduce emissions. The previous lighting system was antiquated and unreliable, having a negative impact on the safety of the municaplity’s citizens. 


Enel X installed a smart public lighting system made up of 16,815 low consumption LED lighting. A part of this lighting system can be controlled remotely and can provide real time updates and information to the public administration. Enel X will also be in charge of the complete maintenance of the system installed for the following 11 years.
The new generation LED lighting system can improve the energy efficiency of the city by 37% and cut energy expenditure in half. Furthermore, thanks to the possibility to control part of the lighting remotely, it is possible to program the intensity and the LED lighting, allowing the public administration to manage public lighting according to the municipality’s needs which also means reducing emissions as the lighting is used only when needed.
Enel X’s challenge