Smart City solutions

Smart City

Empowering the smart city revolution, for people and the environment

Smart Cities Are Key to a Sustainable Future

Cities are home to more than half of the world’s population and they account for 70% of worldwide emissions. Changing the face of urban environments to make them more efficient, livable and sustainable is a paramount priority for us all. Enel X enables cities to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by upgrading infrastructure, digitizing public services and leading the transition to renewable energy.


Our approach embraces the entire city ecosystem – from lighting to infrastructure, from transportation to urban design. We partner with administrations, communities and stakeholders to deliver cutting-edge solutions for smart, efficient, welcoming and sustainable cities.

Our Solutions

Enel X offers a comprehensive range of innovative services, divided into six clusters.

Smart Public Lighting

Smart Public Lighting

Energy efficient lighting that comes with cutting-edge digital value-added services

Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Temporary and permanent solutions to enhance the beauty of local areas and allow energy savings of up to 80%

Electric Public Transportation

Electric Public Transportation

Zero-emissions transportation solutions that extend far beyond electric buses

Smart Public Buildings

Energy Efficiency for Public Buildings

Energy-saving and comfort-enhancing solutions for public facilities such as schools, hospitals and sports venues

Digital Services

Digital Services

Delivering an advanced digital environment that improves the city by streamlining its management process

Smart Urban Design

Smart Urban Design

Transforming installed infrastructure into smart, multi-purpose urban furniture for an interconnected city

Intelligent street lighting and smart cities

Climate and other factors are forcing change onto cities. It must be managed intelligently to ensure the best outcome.

Enel X’s energy managment software

Cities get smart with Enel X management software

With Enel X’s energy management software, urban areas get smart, becoming more livable and more efficient

Smart city sustainable development

Cities worldwide are turning to technology to gather and analyze key data, so that they can become smart and sustainable