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Smart City

City Solutions

An ecosystem of electrified and digitalized urban infrastructure combined with innovative solutions

Enel X Global Retail is reinventing the way we live in cities

Enel X Global Retail allows public administrations to make more advantageous and efficient choices for their communities and to have control of their energy assets. Cities are provided with an ecosystem of electrified and digitalized urban infrastructure combined with innovative solutions, like smart lighting, energy optimization services for public buildings, infrastructure and services for public electric mobility, data interpretation, in addition to electricity and gas supply, to meet the needs of the community, optimizing the use of collective resources and helping build more sustainable, livable and smart cities.

All thanks to a reliable overall advisory approach that makes investments in urban areas more efficient and affordable.

Our Smart City Solutions

Innovative and sustainable solutions to foster the digitalization of the urban environment.

Smart Public Lighting

Smart Public Lighting

Solutions that improve quality of public lighting while reducing operational costs

Electric Public Transportation

Electric Public Transport

Zero-emissions transportation solutions for cleaner, more efficient and safer mobility

Energy Efficiency for Public Buildings

Smart Public Buildings

Energy-saving and comfort-enhancing solutions for public facilities such as schools, hospitals and sports venues

Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Solutions that enhance a city's artistic heritage, sustaining economic development and generating savings

Digital Services

Digital Services

Delivering advanced digital platforms that help cities gather data and streamline decision-making processes

Smart Urban Design

Smart Urban Design

Creating interconnected citites with 'intelligent' urban furniture like smart bus shelters and benches