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Smart Homes Save Energy, Money and the Environment

Smart and energy efficient homes that run on renewables are good for the environment, good for the wallet, good for the health of the people who live in them — and a critical step forward on the path to a sustainable, decarbonized future. Our smart home solutions form an ecosystem that is designed to save our customers energy, time and money — from appliances and devices to installation and maintenance, from a renewable power supply to intelligent charging for the home, the office and the road. All our products and services come with convenient subscription-based pricing and digital payment systems to make life smooth, simple and functional.

Infographic explaining the benefits of a smart home
How to cut bills with solar power

Find out how solar panels can cut your bills

Solar panels are an essential ingredient for a smart home and for the future of our planet

solutions and technologies for a smart home

Smart home solutions and new technologies

The smart home is the home of the future, and Enel X has a broad range of innovative and sustainable solutions

Homix Smart Home Device

HOMIX, a single solution for a smart home

Users can save energy and simplify everyday life at the same time, thanks to Enel X’s innovative smart home solution