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Enel X helps Thales Alenia Space meet its energy efficiency needs

Photovoltaic plants will enable the aerospace and defense company to cut costs and emissions, helping it become more competitive and sustainable.

Thales Alenia Space - a French-Italian company operating in sectors including telecommunications, aerospace, defense and orbital infrastructures - entrusted Enel X to develop an innovative energy efficiency project for its sites in L'Aquila and Torino. Enel X will install and operate two PV plants for a total of 2,305 kWp with more than 2,917,000 kWh produced each year. The power will supply the Thales Alenia Space facilities as well as recharging infrastructure for electric vehicles, thus favoring efforts to promote electric mobility. The project will allow Thales Alenia Space to cut costs and reduce by 1,326,006 kg its annual CO₂ emissions, while helping the firm in its efforts to reach Net Zero.


The client

A joint venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), Thales Alenia Space has over 40 years of experience in building systems and equipment for space telecommunications, navigation, Earth observation, science, exploration and transport as well for orbital infrastructures.

Thales Alenia Space works for both government and commercial customers and space agencies - including NASA and ESA - as well as leading satellite operators. The company operates in 10 countries, with 17 facilities in Europe and an industrial plant in the United States. 

The agreement's benefits

The challenge for Enel X

Thales Alenia Space has embarked on a sustainability path that calls for increasing energy efficiency and self-generating renewable energy at its Italian plants in L'Aquila and Torino.
The project, to be implemented at both sites, will see the construction of a photovoltaic system able to produce enough electricity to supply the needs of the sites as well as of electric vehicle recharging stations, in this manner contributing to the development of sustainable mobility. Enel X will install two systems for a total of 2,305 kWp with more than 2,917,000 kWh produced annually.
The project will generate many benefits. It will reduce costs and increase competitiveness from an economic point of view as well as promote sustainability, aligning the client's sites with the objective of Zero Emissions. The system will enable a reduction in energy use at the facilities, guaranteeing a yearly cut in CO₂ emissions of 1,326,006 kg. Enel X will manage the system through a customized Operation&Maintenance service.
Enel X’s challenge