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Six Ways to Cut Your Energy Costs with Enel X

Six Ways to Cut Your Energy Costs with Enel X

How to decarbonize your operations by shifting to renewable energy

Energy Storage for Sustainability

Energy storage batteries are a key technological component in the transition to renewables: as more and more businesses switch to sustainable, emissions-free sources of energy, they need to stockpile their surplus power in order to compensate for times when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining.

The BESS Way Forward

Say you’ve decided to join the growing number of businesses that have opted for a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to stockpile their renewable energy. 


What’s the best way to do so? Enel X offers six financing options to help you cut your energy costs without sacrificing performance, efficiency, resiliency and sustainability.

Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Integrated solutions to save energy and boost your business

High Reward for the Client

The highest risk/reward model for you is a spot sale: you purchase an Enel X photovoltaic plant and BESS complete with our DER.OS optimization software, which shifts the energy from the battery to the grid whenever it will create maximum value for the client.
You benefit from 100% of utility bill savings and revenue generated by the battery (e.g. for Demand Response services).
Infographic explaining how BESS works

Sharing Benefits with the Customer

The next three options require no upfront investment from you. Rather, Enel X invests its own capital to install a BESS with DER.OS at your site. With Comprehensive Benefit Share, we operate and maintain the system at our own expense, and we share the savings and the revenues with you.
With the Lease option, you pay Enel X a fee to use the system and receive O&M services, and you benefit from 100% of the savings and revenues. Our Site Lease option is the reverse — Enel X pays you a fee to use the system, while benefiting from 100% of the savings and revenues.

Two More Financing Options

In addition, we offer two Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) options in which we invest our own capital to install a PV plant and a BESS featuring DER.OS at your site.


With an All-In PPA, you pay Enel X a flat rate to use the system, which costs less than energy from the power grid.

With a Hybrid Power Purchase Agreement (HPPA), you pay a rate in €/kWh on energy generated by the PV plant, while revenues generated by the battery are shared between Enel X and the client.  With any one of these six options, you can capture multiple revenue streams on energy flexibility markets while lowering your electricity bills and taking climate action.