What is battery energy storage?

Battery energy storage is an advanced technological solution that allows your company to store energy in multiple ways for later use. Lithium ion battery storage systems, in particular, use rechargeable batteries to store energy generated by solar panels or supplied by the grid and then make it available to your company as and when required.


Battery energy storage benefits include energy efficiency, savings, and sustainability by enabling renewable sources and lowering consumption.


Who manages the battery energy storage system?

Enel X will take care of everything from the design to the development and construction of the battery storage system, as well as its regular and exceptional operations and maintenance.


How long does a battery last?

Our battery storage system has a lifespan of about 10 years, after which in most cases the battery module must be replaced.


Can Enel X battery storage systems be integrated with a distributed generation system?

Enel X battery storage systems come with our DER.OS optimization software, which is designed to work with all kinds of distributed energy resources and can easily be integrated into existing systems, such as solar photovoltaic systems.


The dedicated Enel X portal for the DER.OS optimization software will provide details on your battery storage system’s performance using infographics and financial summaries. On top of that, we guarantee 24/7 assistance and monitor your system’s performance from our Network Operations Center (NOC), which is located in Dublin.


Currently, our software is optimizing projects that include the use of solar energy, fuel cells and energy storage. Regardless of whether you already have such systems up and running in your facility or are interested in integrating them with a battery storage system, Enel X can work with you to ensure that all the energy needs of your business are met.

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