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 Enel X’s smart urban solutions

Smart Solutions in Urban Design

Cities are the future of the energy transition, and Enel X’s smart city solutions will play an important role

Smart cities need smart design

The world is experiencing a rapid rise in people flocking to cities to live and as a result, urban environments are feeling an ever-increasing pressure to adapt and become smarter and more resilient. Occupying just 2% of the earth’s surface and home to half the people on the planet, cities guzzle 70% of the world’s total output of energy and contribute to 75% of total greenhouse emissions


The rise in population in urban areas reinforces the need for more intelligent planning of urban areas and innovative technology which contributes to better mobility and flow.

People crossing the road


Enel X supports well-designed smart solutions for urban environments, not only to save on time and money and cut down on everyday spending, but as a crucial element for reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution. 

Success in energy transition and a shift to updated urban living requires smart city technology that takes into account a constant growth in energy demand, the ever-increasingly rapid pace of hi tech, climate change, a highly competitive market and changing consumer habits and expectations. Enel X is up to the challenge, working with city officials, local businesses and residents on smart city sustainable development to ensure cities become better places to live and operate.

What does the term “smart city” mean?

To transform the way city dwellers produce, allocate and consume energy, Enel X employs cutting-edge technology to help people, businesses and municipalities effortlessly assimilate to new ways of operating, essentially creating a Smart City. Digitization plays a key role in the process as Big Data analytics technology allows Enel X to learn valuable information which translates into actionable insights and optimization of a wide variety of services.


Enel X focuses on six main divisions within its portfolio of innovative solutions for revolutionizing the ecosystem of a smart city. Enel X’s leading technology developed for products such as JuiceLamp, LED Lighting, Remote Control and Adaptive Lighting has contributed to the advancement of public lighting in urban areas.

Smart city

City Solutions

An ecosystem of electrified and digitalized urban infrastructure combined with innovative solutions

These smart city technologies, such as intelligent street lighting, support a city’s energy transition and allows it to shine brighter. Other important characteristics of smart city development include revamping energy options for the public sector. Enel X  works hand in hand with city governments to develop energy-saving options which provide a decrease in energy consumption in schools, hospitals, government buildings and more. Not only does the municipality enjoy a reduction in costs, but the whole city benefits from the cost savings.

Digitalizing a city: upgrading urban furniture and transport

Digital Services are a top priority for an intelligent urban smart city. Regularly innovating software as well as using smart video cameras and apps as part of a smart community platform are key to managing the security and safety of cities. Enel X knows from its own heritage that preserving architectural wonders is an important element in smart city development. Developing cutting-edge temporary and permanent architectural lighting solutions helps to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of a city’s historic monuments, along with contributing up to 80% in energy savings.
The creation of smart urban furniture such as Enel X JuiceShelter, Enel X JuicePark, Enel X JuiceBike, Enel X e-Bench and Enel X smart pole contribute to a more fluid urban environment. A modular and multi-functional urban design is suddenly more interconnected than ever. Thanks to improved urban planning, an enhanced public transportation system is able to operate efficiently for its users. Enel X has focused on the integration of e-mobility in city transportation including electric buses and electric municipal vehicles with the aim of reducing pollution levels through 100% renewable resources.

Smart cities mean improved quality of life

Circular economy

The Circular Economy

A new model for creating value

Finally, one of the biggest indicators of a smart city is its role in contributing to a Circular Economy. Enel X’s consulting service  works with municipalities in targeting their levels of circularity and finding innovative solutions which cities can implement in order to achieve greater efficiency and improved circularity.


By reducing a city’s energy consumption and improving its environmental sustainability, residents of a smart city benefit from an improved quality of life, increased financial savings and safer and more secure urban environments.


Energy-efficient services become a standard to live by and cities, businesses and inhabitants respectfully adapt to these changes in urbanization by becoming stewards of a smart city.