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SDA Bocconi and Enel X release 2022 Monitor for Circular Fashion

In its second year, the Monitor for Circular Fashion aims to give fashion companies tools to advance circularity

Sustainable and renewable communities in Italy

Discovering Zero-Energy buildings

In Uppsala, Sweden, innovative photovoltaic panels, sustainable materials and energy storage solutions are bringing Magasin X to life

How energy efficient are data centers?

Data centers make possible the vital flow of information on which our digital world depends. They also consume a lot of electrical energy

Recycling and reuse for sustainable development

Recycling and reuse for sustainable development

Our economies must go circular to preserve our planet. Recycling and reuse are key elements of circular economies

green landscape in an urban environment

What is green urbanism and why is it important?

It is a design method that makes cities environmentally friendly, healthy and sustainable places to live and work