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Rome’s Capannelle racecourse

Rome’s Capannelle racecourse, energy optimization

Energy transition isn’t only about sustainability: it’s also about improving efficiency and finding creative solutions

Improving the quality of life

Forging a path towards a sustainable future involves reimagining an ecosystem which supports that future. As an industry leader in renewable energy, Enel X utilizes fresh sustainable business ideas to invigorate the market. Enel X is continuously evolving to find new ways to help businesses, cities and individuals by drawing upon the company’s startup culture and enthusiasm for ground-breaking concepts. The goal is to improve public and private spaces for everyone’s benefit, whether it be educational institutes, health care facilities, government buildings, sporting venues or any other arena in which Enel X can make a substantial impact. By developing smart, innovative technologies and energy-efficient solutions, Enel X aims to optimize energy use and reduce consumption, ensuring a better quality of life for future generations.


Lighting a Roman racecourse

Rome’s famous horse track and home to Italy's top cricket club, Capannelle Roma was originally built in the late 1800’s. The venue has been used for horse races and cricket matches for more than a century, offering magical views of Rome’s famous Appian way, the Colli Albani and Castelli Romani.


Enel X recently identified an opportunity to improve the Capannelle’s lighting system in order to decrease energy consumption within the hippodrome. The Smart Energy Solution utilizes ground-breaking concepts and smart technology to enhance the luminosity of the venue.

Horse leaping over a jump

A lighting overhaul

In completely revamping the structure’s lighting services, with a focus on the horse boxes, Enel X replaced outdated incandescent lights, which relied upon bayonet wiring, with innovative LED lighting technology. With the integration of this new and improved LED lighting system, the light was five times brighter with respect to the old model. The system overhaul helped to reduce energy consumption and revolutionize devices that had been out-of-date or broken for some time.
The energy efficient approach provided a savings of up to 80% for the racecourse. The system, which Enel X developed, has a minimum level of lighting in compliance with UNI EN 12464-1 which offers optimization guidelines for certain activations. The cutting-edge technology and general restoration which Enel X offered to Capannelle is a sustainable business model which can be used for other sporting venues.

Exponential Energy Advantages

The advantages of this energy transition are multifold. One of the most evident is the ability to optimize energy and reduce environmental pollution at the same time. By getting rid of the outdated lighting system and creating a smart illumination system, Enel X was able to contribute to a healthier urban environment and reduce energy consumption. Those attending the racetrack were granted better visibility, the functionality of the venue improved and employees benefited from an enhanced working environment, ensuring greater comfort and safety. 

Capanelle’s owners benefited from a reduction in energy costs and were able to offer a better atmosphere for guests. By saving on their energy bills, they were also able to improve their long-term financial investment in the racecourse.

With Rome’s Capannelle project, Enel X showed how smart energy efficient solutions can be adapted to fit the specific needs of a facility for improved visibility and energy efficiency. Enel X is a leader in cutting-edge technology and solutions that advance the progress of energy efficient ecosystems and project us towards the future.

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