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Architectural lighting systems

Architectural Lighting

A sustainable way to preserve city heritage

A Lasting Legacy that Saves Energy

Every city, large or small, has its own artistic and architectural heritage that is unique, priceless, and worthy of illumination. Architectural lighting has embellished many cultural, historical and artistic landmarks and landscapes, both in Italy and abroad. Over 30 years, Enel X Global Retail has developed over 1,600 architectural lighting projects in several countries, generating substantial savings up to 70% for its public and private clients. Some examples include: Rome’s Pantheon, the Pompeii archeological site, the Royal Alcázar in Seville and Catalonia’s Nere River.

Enel X offers cities solutions for permanent and temporary architectural lighting, and also partners with them on every step of their implementation — from project design to financing (including the construction phase), from sourcing materials to installation, from construction project coordination to building maintenance.

Illustration representing Enel X’s new e-City Toolbox.

New e-City Toolbox

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Discover our Smart City projects around the world, improving public transport, energy efficiency and digital services.

Shining a light on the Eternal City

Shining a light on the Eternal City

Rome has many spectacular monuments. Enel X is helping to illuminate them with its innovative smart lighting solutions

A basilica of light

The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome has a new, more energy-efficient and aesthetics-focused lighting system created by Enel Sole with the support of the Fondazione Endesa

New light for the archeology of Pompeii

In Pompeii, Enel's new artistic lighting itinerary further enhances the charm of the archaeological park