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Enel X’s smart urban furniture based on renewables

Enel X goes off grid with smart street furniture

Simple urban furniture that cities take for granted become high-tech multifunctional devices running on solar power

The centrality of being smart

In the connected world that is being born, an item of urban furniture as simple as the bench has its part to play – just as long as it is smart.


That means the smart bench can act as the hub for a range of services to improve the quality of life for residents, the most important of which is connectivity.

Smart Urban Design

Smart Urban Design

Making infrastructure interconnected, multifunctional and modular

The Enel X smart bench goes off the grid

The Enel X SmartBench

Solutions offering connectivity typically have to be linked to the electricity grid to draw the power needed for them to operate. In contrast, the Enel X smart bench has photovoltaic panels built into its seat and therefore can be used off grid, far from any power point.


Solar power allows it to connect to the Internet through WiFi hotspots and that means the bench can also be used to recharge the phones and tablets of residents on the go through the USB sockets on its side.

Easy to install, flexible and resistant

Off-grid connectivity and renewable power mean the Enel X smart bench is flexible and can be installed without making changes to infrastructure wherever it is placed. Its weather-resistant materials allow it to be used both outdoors in city parks, at bus stops or belvederes, or indoors at stations or in public buildings.
The bench can also be integrated with other urban infrastructure, such as LCD screens, to carry information or advertising, electric bike racks, video surveillance systems, sensors to monitor air quality, night light columns and defibrillators.

Enel X solar light pole and Enel X wind light pole, powered by clean energy

Our solar light pole displays similar flexibility to the smart bench. The solar light pole is a multifunctional streetlight with integrated photovoltaic panels. These are sufficient to power a range of sensors using the energy of the sun, a contribution to a greener, more sustainable city atmosphere. Our wind light pole is a lighting system powered by wind energy.


These are all solutions that make clever use of the possibilities of integrating renewable energy solutions with smart street furniture. They are all steps towards the goal of creating a smart e-city that’s attractive to live in, resilient and meets the needs of an increasingly connected society and economy.

Smart city

City Solutions

An ecosystem of electrified and digitalized urban infrastructure combined with innovative solutions