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Smart Urban Design

Smart Urban Design

Making infrastructure interconnected, multifunctional and modular

When a Bench is not Just a Bench

For Enel X Global Retail, every piece of urban furniture in our cities represents an opportunity to make urban ecosystems smarter. By connecting to the internet assets - like benches and bus shelters - they can be made into intelligent devices that inform, help and improve the city for its residents. Our integrated, modular and interconnected products transform installed urban infrastructure, making public spaces safer, more versatile and more useful to people.

Illustration representing Enel X’s new e-City Toolbox.

New e-City Toolbox

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Discover our Smart City projects around the world, improving public transport, energy efficiency and digital services.

Cities get smart with Enel X management software

Cities get smart with Enel X management software

With Enel X’s energy management software, urban areas get smart, becoming more livable and more efficient

Enel X’s smart urban solutions

Smart Solutions in Urban Design

Cities are the future of the energy transition, and Enel X’s smart city solutions will play an important role

Enel X’s smart street furniture

Making waiting useful with smart street furniture

Sustainable transportation is key to the energy transition. Electrification is an opportunity to reshape our cities