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Energy efficiency solutions for smart public buildings

Smart Public Buildings

Efficient and comfortable buildings for the benefit of all

A More Sustainable City, One Smart Building at a Time

Smart cities are more livable and create economic savings while reducing pollution. Enel X Global Retail helps cities rethink their buildings for optimal performance, enabling maximum user comfort, ultra-energy efficiency, full electrification and adoption of local renewable energy by integrating traditional technologies with advanced, digitalized energy management systems.


Enel X studies the most suitable mix of solutions for each public building - be it a school, university, hospital, office, sports venue or  station - that generate enough savings to repay the cost of the entire project and even free up additional funds. These additional resources can then be reinvested into projects that promote the well-being of the community, activating a virtuous circle of change.


With Enel X, Electrification and Digitalization become the keywords to enable every public building to become a Smart Building, and contribute to a carbon-neutral urban vision.


Illustration representing Enel X’s new e-City Toolbox.

New e-City Toolbox

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Discover our Smart City projects around the world, improving public transport, energy efficiency and digital services.

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