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Smart City digital services and solutions

Digital Services

Innovative software and platforms to plan and manage a sustainable city

Translating Digital Value into Urban Wellbeing

A Smart City is a digital, interconnected urban environment powered by technologies and platforms for communications management and data sharing that enable the Internet of Things (IoT). By processing huge amounts of real-time information, these technologies and platforms help cities make informed decisions. Digitalization is a key factor in making cities smarter and more sustainable, driving the development of new forms of urban logistics and mobility, like sustainable mobility and car sharing.. A Smart City can tailor its services to city dwellers’ lifestyles and flexibly respond to emergencies. YoUrban is Enel X Global Retail's digital platform that offers local institutions and cities an ecosystem of modular, customizable and cutting-edge solutions. Using the most innovative and top-notch technologies in terms of IoT and Big Data, YoUrban grants cities access to all Enel X Global Retail services connected to the platform, which is also open to third-party integration services.

Illustration representing Enel X’s new e-City Toolbox.

New e-City Toolbox

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Discover our Smart City projects around the world, improving public transport, energy efficiency and digital services.

Enel X goes off-grid with smart urban furniture

Enel X goes off the grid with smart street furniture

Simple urban furniture that cities take for granted become high-tech multifunctional devices running on solar power

Enel X’s smart urban solutions

Smart Solutions in Urban Design

Cities are the future of the energy transition, and Enel X’s smart city solutions will play an important role

Enel X’s smart street furniture

Making waiting useful with smart street furniture

Sustainable transportation is key to the energy transition. Electrification is an opportunity to reshape our cities