Electric public transportation solutions

Electric Public Transportation

Zero-emissions mobility for sustainable cities

Improving Quality of Life in Cities

Smart cities move with electric transportation. As urban areas shift to a more sustainable approach, Enel X can leverage its trailblazing experience and substantial investment in private e-mobility to offer zero-emissions transportation solutions for local governments. Transitioning to e-powered public transportation improves air quality, reduces emissions and noise pollution, cuts costs, and provides the public with a more comfortable and more extensive service.


Not Just Electric Buses


Converting public vehicle fleets is just the beginning. E-powered public transportation solutions include upgrading bus stops and shelters, which will become smart and multifunctional. Sustainable, integrated, efficient and technological solutions also transform passengers’ public transport experience, even making wait times useful.


In Chile the fleet of electric buses is expanding

Another 183 electric buses will soon be operational on the streets of the Santiago Metropolitan Region in Chile, thanks to a public-private partnership

Ultra-fast charge for e-buses in Barcelona

Enel X delivers cutting-edge roadside infrastructure to keep buses running between stations

sustainable transport in savona

Sustainable transport drives smart cities

The trial run of Enel X’s zero-emission bus project in Savona was a showcase for the smart city of the future