Innovation and sustainability

Innovation and Sustainability

Leading the way to climate-proof technological transformation

No innovation without sustainability

At Enel X, we have created an innovation ecosystem made up of startups, research centers, universities, and clients — opening up our product experimentation to input from many different sources.


We actively seek out pioneering projects in their early stages, in a constant global search for emerging talent and ground-breaking ideas. By partnering with innovative thinkers and doers, we enable the development of new, smart technologies with transformative potential for people, cities and businesses.



smart meter systems

Smart Meters, an Italian idea taking on the world

Smart Meters are one of the many sustainable and circular systems we developed in Italy, and can be applied elsewhere

smart city street light project

Intelligent street lighting and smart cities

Climate and other factors are forcing change onto cities. It must be managed intelligently to ensure the best outcome.

Solutions to global warming. Mission flexibility

The climate emergency requires an ever-increasing use of renewables. Enel X’s flexible solutions make this possible

juiceability system

JuiceAbility - Improving the “quality of life”

Recharging services can make life easier for wheelchair users too. As usual, Enel X has some perfect exciting solutions

Digitalization of financial services

An innovation Lab to co-develop with startups

Digitalization of financial services, the key to circular and sustainable economies

EV charger in recycled plastic make e-mobility even more sustainable

Recycling plastic to recharge e-mobility

How to recycle plastic to make charging stations even more sustainable

reduce emissions

6 key elements for an integrated energy strategy

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Our company is constantly seeking to collaborate globally with companies that promote long-lasting development and that are mutually creating shared value for all stakeholders.

Francesco Venturini

CEO of Enel X

An Integrated Strategy for Decarbonization

When it comes to the energy transition, Enel X solutions cover all sectors, from homes to businesses and transport

Enel X’s response to crisis

Coupling progress with resilience and sustainability

As the climate emergency looms, Enel X’s response to the pandemic crisis

Enel X’s energy managment software

How cities get smart to get sustainable

With Enel X’s energy management software, urban areas get smart, becoming more livable and more efficient