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Enel X’ E-Box: delivers clean power to projects under construction

Enel X’ E-Box delivers clean power to projects under construction

Enel X launches E-Box: an innovative modular infrastructure combining photovoltaic and battery storage

Published on JUNE 22, 2022

E-Box solution

E-Box is an efficient power generation, supply and storage system designed to supply clean energy for Enel Green Power (EGP) projects that are at the construction phase of projects It consists of photovoltaic panels of 18,2 kWp and lithium storage batteries of 57 kWh, which provide clean and renewable energy to projects under construction without the need to be connected to the grid or using fossil fuel generators. Furthermore, the system can adapt to any environment, since it can operate in extreme weather conditions, between -10 C to 45 C, and at an altitude of over 2000 m above sea level.This highly innovative solution is the first of its kind to be launched in Latin America.

The advantages of the innovative E-Box solution

As noted by Claudio Candia, Head of Business to Business for Enel X Chile, E-Box “is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution that allows companies to remain operational while building new projects without having to be connected to the main power grid”. 

Candia further highlights the importance that this represents as an attractive alternative for sectors like mining and real estate which consume significant amounts of fossil fuel such as diesel, but that want to reduce emissions in their production processes. Other important advantages include:

  • Improved logistics and safety, as this eliminates the need for fuel to be transported for the plant’s operation.
  • It is aligned with the concept of the circular economy as it is 100% sustainable due to its reuse of its batteries.
  • It can be transported easily, allowing power delivery to nearby communities that suffer from natural emergencies or other emergencies.
Distributed Energy and Infrastructure

Distributed Energy and Infrastructure

Save money and improve the site’s resiliency by generating sustainable power locally