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Enel X & Mastercard: Spur Israeli FinTech, Cyber Startups

The Innovation Lab will host startups to develop and test products in the fintech and cybersecurity fields

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Enel X Romania named Energy Company of the Year

Enel X Romania named Energy Company of the Year

Enel X was named Romania’s Energy Company of the Year for installing solar power plants for about 10 MW in 2021.

rooftop Bee Garden

Enel X inaugurates rooftop Bee Garden at Rome headquarters

Three beehives and 180,000 bees contribute to urban biodiversity with pollination of 90 million flowers each day

Enel X

Enel X ranked EaaS Market Leader a second year in a row

The Energy as a Service business model (EaaS) drives energy sector transformation

Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai: supporting electrification targets for the future

Enel X installations and smart meters show the benefits of responsible energy consumption

Young minds brainstorming for a sustainable future

Rome airport with solar panels

Enel X, Partners Win EU Grant for PIONEER

Innovative project uses second life batteries from car manufacturers to store solar energy for carbon neutral Rome airport