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Enel X & Mastercard: Spur Israeli FinTech, Cyber Startups

The Innovation Lab will host startups to develop and test products in the fintech and cybersecurity fields

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Finsec innovation lab opens for business

Enel X FinSec Innovation Lab goes into operation

Israeli FinSec Innovation Lab opens for business, seeks candidates in fintech and cybersecurity to join it

Enel X and MasterCard

Enel X, MasterCard Spur Israeli FinTech Startups

The Innovation Lab’s infrastructure and expertise to help startups develop and test fintech and cybersecurity products

Enel X, more than just street lamps

Enel X, more than just street lamps

The Chairman and CEO of Enel X, Francesco Venturini, explains the innovation of the new line of street lamps

Italian comedy movie spotlights sustainability

“Divorzio a Las Vegas” helps Enel X bring its message of innovation and sustainability to the widest possible audience

What are your proposals for helping us to support customers remotely?

Lockdown has accelerated the need for us to have some way of interacting with customers to support and assist them without needing to visit their sites or homes

Rome airport with solar panels

Enel X, Partners Win EU Grant for PIONEER

Innovative project uses second life batteries from car manufacturers to store solar energy for carbon neutral Rome airport