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Enel X & Mastercard: Spur Israeli FinTech, Cyber Startups

The Innovation Lab will host startups to develop and test products in the fintech and cybersecurity fields

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Enel X makes it to the Navigant research podium

Enel X makes it to the Navigant research podium

The leading market research company has drawn up a Leaderboard of the world’s top 15 EV charging network companies. Enel X’s purple-tinged innovation is ranked


Enel X launches SGEf platform in six new countries

The smart energy management service reaches Romania and Latin America

Energy as a Service, the solution for companies

Enel X offers innovative, integrated solutions that enable business clients to manage their entire energy portfolios efficiently, profitably and sustainably.

Enel X, some ideas for critical times

Ideas for the post-pandemic world at the World Marketing Summit

Finsec innovation lab opens for business

Enel X FinSec Innovation Lab goes into operation

Israeli FinSec Innovation Lab opens for business, seeks candidates in fintech and cybersecurity to join it

New England Patriots

New England Patriots go "green” with home games powered by clean energy

The home games of the Massachusetts-based American football team are entirely powered by clean energy