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Enel X & Mastercard: Spur Israeli FinTech, Cyber Startups

The Innovation Lab will host startups to develop and test products in the fintech and cybersecurity fields

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Enel X ranked EaaS Market Leader a second year in a row

The Energy as a Service business model (EaaS) drives energy sector transformation

Una nuova business line globale dedicata alla mobilità elettrica

A new business line specifically for electric mobility

The Enel Group is speeding up the roll out of infrastructure to foster the spread of sustainable mobility

Enel X, some ideas for critical times

Ideas for the post-pandemic world at the World Marketing Summit

Enel X North America: a new Challenge

Smart Technology in North America Has a New Name: Enel X

The rebranding follows on company successes in bringing renewable energy systems to clients in Canada and the US

the energy vector of the future

Electricity, the energy vector of the future

The Electrify 2030 study was carried out by The European House - Ambrosetti in collaboration with Enel X and the Enel Foundation and presented at Cernobbio

Enel X makes its debut on Capital Markets Day

Enel X makes its debut on Capital Markets Day

Enel X was officially launched on Capital Markets Day in London on November 21, 2017