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Enel X ranked EaaS Market Leader a second year in a row

The Energy as a Service business model (EaaS) drives energy sector transformation

Published on MAY 13, 2022
The on-going transformation of the energy sector, moving toward the vision of Energy as a Service, is driving the need to develop integrated solutions that enable business clients to manage their energy portfolios with efficient, profitable and sustainable criteria. As the energy context evolves and becomes increasingly complex, it has become essential for companies to remain competitive, to identify solutions through energy experts that can be rapidly monetized over the company’s portfolio. Essentially this means that by outsourcing the management of the energy assets to trusted partners, the company minimizes energy risks, cuts costs and in some cases, maximizes revenue-generating opportunities through the integration of new solutions and technologies. EaaS identifies solutions that best suit clients’ specific needs while generating added value, as opposed to simply charging customers for the supply of electricity. It is in this remit that Enel X has, for the second year in a row, ranked as one the world’s top four leading solution providers. 

The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard report

The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard report evaluates the competitive landscape for EaaS solutions. It works as a benchmark and instrument to measure how well different companies are positioned to address current customer needs. The aim of the report is to enable market participants to better understand their competitors’ solution offerings, differentiation, and track record in executing EaaS projects. Within this global context, Enel X’s position as a Leader in the EaaS market is supported by its global footprint in EaaS solution delivery and a comprehensive technology solution stack that enables Enel X to address customer resilience, competitiveness, and sustainability challenges.

The report included profiles on 17 EaaS companies and ranked them according to Strategy and Execution scores. 


Companies received higher scores if they have, among other criteria:

  • Comprehensive EaaS solutions tailored to clients’ diverse sustainability and resilience needs
  • A holistic vision and go-to-market strategy for EaaS
  • Strong financial and technology partnerships
  • A track record of successful execution of projects across a variety of customer types.
Business Solutions

Business Solutions

An ecosystem of electrified and digitalized urban infrastructure combined with innovative solutions

Energy as a Service and Enel X's portfolio EaaS solutions

Flexibility Solutions

Flexibility Solutions

Transforming energy from a cost into an opportunity

EaaS is replacing the view of “energy as commodity” and moving toward solutions to outsource energy management in the name of resilience and sustainability. Four macro-trends are encouraging a shift to the new energy paradigm: electrification, urbanization, digitalization and decarbonization. In this context, Enel X’s EaaS solution includes 360° custom-fit Net-Zero services from GHG emissions calculation, tracking, and reporting to decarbonization roadmap design and implementation of measures that best fit customer priorities. Enel X is indeed able to span from industrial electrification to energy efficiency projects, distributed energy resources (e.g., PV, CHP, or Energy storage and microgrids), fleets electrification, and charging solutions (with proprietary hardware and software). 
Enel X also offers customers comprehensive capabilities in offsite energy supply, sustainability advisory, and utility bill optimization. Ultimately Enel is in the position to monetize all the distributed assets into energy markets being the global leader in Demand Response with 7.7 GW of demand managed. The company has established multiple global JVs to offer customers off-balance-sheet financing, including one in Europe, one in North America, and one in Latin America.