Enel X, modelo de economía circular

The innovative, sustainable circular economy model

As climate change forces the world to rethink its economic model, Enel X shows how concrete action can help

Published on MARCH 11, 2021

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From linear to circular: a different approach to the economy

The circular economy is the response to the linear economy, the economic structure that has taken us to where we are now, our oceans choking in plastic detritus, the air in our cities filthy, and facing a climate emergency that threatens to sweep away our way of life.


The circular economy essentially defines a new economic model that exists in contrast to the linear economy’s approach of produce, use, dispose, and then attempt to mitigate the damage. That is where we are now. Instead, the circular economy seeks to compensate for our impact right at the start of the process of making goods or selling services, rather than at the end, when it is probably too late to act.

Enel X’s circular economy principles

Circularity is based on five principles. Circular economy principles are:

  • Using renewable energy sources and materials
  • Product as a service, in effect rethinking products so that they become a service
  • Creating sharing platforms
  • Extending the useful life of products; 
  • Reusing and regenerating products or components.


In short, sustainability is designed into a product or service right from the start. In its supply chain, the circular company insists on the use of renewable energy to process fully recyclable inputs. This is where Enel X comes in, with its renewable power solutions for the home and businesses. Product as a service involves offering access to the product without transferring ownership, to encourage manufacturers and service providers to sell resilient and renewable solutions. One example is Enel X’s public lighting services in cities.

Sharing platforms such as Enel X’s public charging points, JuicePole and JuicePump, increase the use of products during their useful life without increasing inputs.

The Circular Economy

The Circular Economy

A new model for creating value

Ensuring products are usable for as long as possible is the reason we also offer maintenance and repair services with them.

Recovery and recycling, and reusing components, all cut out waste, while innovation makes “upcycling” possible, creating something more valuable than the original when a product reaches the end of its useful life.

Francesco Venturini - CEO of Enel X
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The large-scale adoption of the Circular Economy requires a coordinated effort, aimed at re-imagining and reconfigure, from a circular point of view, many production schemes and business models.

Francesco Venturini

CEO of Enel X

The circular economy guide: a factbook to explain circularity

The Circular Economy Factbook

The Circular Economy Factbook

An in-depth guide to everything that Enel X can do to help businesses and other organizations go circular.

To help companies and consumers understand the aims of the circular economy and how it works, we have compiled a Circular Economy Factbook to keep a record of all Enel X’s initiatives, projects and innovations in the field.  We see the concept of the circular economy as a driver of competitiveness and innovation in the global market and want to be an accelerator and enabler of circularity for all our suppliers, customers and partners.



A report to measure circularity

That is the reasoning behind our Circular Economy Boosting Program and the Circular Economy Report. This is a detailed assessment of the extent of a client’s circularity, from design and procurement policies to how products are handled at the end of their life cycle. The criteria employed to assign a Circular Economy Score cover the use of recyclable or biodegradable materials, exploitation of renewable resources, as well as forms of utilization that encourage sharing, efficiency, and the reuse of materials. The Report then sets out ways of boosting circularity – a roadmap for improvements based on innovative solutions to the issues identified. We follow that up by monitoring progress toward circularity. The Report underlines our role as an accelerator and amplifier of an approach that is gaining widespread acceptance in these challenging times.
The Enel X Circular Economy Report

The Enel X Circular Economy Report

A cutting-edge tool to help you rethink your business in a sustainable way