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Enel X and Santander

Enel X and Santander: a partnership that delivers results

Santander’s financing and Enel X’s expertise help a growing number of both large companies and SMEs reach climate goals

Long term relationships like the one between Enel X and Santander are an effective way to support customers in their goals to reduce energy consumption, save on costs, and meet sustainability goals, as demonstrated by a growing number of projects.

From Utility Bill Management to global partnership

In 2019, Spanish bank Santander was looking for a solution to monitor and streamline the management of electricity bills from 22 utility companies across its 500 branches in Argentina. It picked Enel X as its supplier for a Utility Bill Management (UBM) service, along with a specialized consultancy to suggest ways to save on energy bills and purchase “green energy” from external providers. As Santander discovered the advantages of UBM, it extended the scope of the agreement and the number of branches to manage its water and gas consumptions in early 2020. By July 2021, Santander had saved a total of around €300 million on energy costs.


Santander strengthened its relationship with Enel X in mid-2021 when it won a tender for major medium-voltage work (a power increase of 583 kW) in one of the bank's branches in Antequera. A few months later, Santander asked Enel X to install 18 lithium batteries - replacing a diesel generator set - in 12 of its branches. These hybrid grid-plus-renewables systems allow the bank to store energy from renewable sources, helping Santander with its goal of mitigating the effects of climate change. At the same time, Santander eliminated the fuel and maintenance costs of diesel generators, and secured a backup system in the event of power outages.


These successful collaborations created a relationship of mutual trust, leading to the decision to create a global partnership. The two groups supply and finance solar facilities, lithium batteries and energy efficiency solutions for SMEs and corporations. The partnership calls for Enel X to design customized turnkey solutions for clients, while Santander will provide them with tailored financing, thereby accompanying customers on their path to cutting energy costs and achieving sustainability by using renewable energy. Enel X and Santander’s partnership has already resulted in several projects. Here’s a look.

A solar project to power a new refrigerated warehouse

SurFrigo, one of Argentina’s biggest refrigerated cargo companies, asked Enel X for help with a photovoltaic project to power its new refrigerated warehouse at its headquarters near Buenos Aires. Enel X carried out the logistics, engineering, work execution, supply and startup for the 684-panel 305 kWp rooftop solar energy system, which covers 32% of the company’s current energy consumption. Banco Santander provided the financing.
The solution for SurFrigo

The solution for SurFrigo

Enel X signs an agreement with SurFrigo to support it in reaching a more sustainable logistics based on renewable energy

Pugliese, solar power for clean water

Photovoltaic panels on the roof


Pugliese SA, a manufacturer of water treatment units for household and commercial use in Argentina, installed 64 solar panels at its factory in the town of Lanus, for a total capacity of 28 kWp. With financing from Banco Santander and support from Enel  X, the company is now able to generate annually more than 45 MWh of green power. 

Expoagro 2022 and Enel X, solutions for clean energy

Enel X took part in Argentina’s largest agricultural trade fair Expoagro 2022 to confirm its commitment to helping companies achieve their energy savings and sustainability goals, demonstrating its solar panels, lithium batteries, and charging points for electric cars. “We are proud to be present at this important industry event, showing how we can provide technology and solutions,” said Juan Erize, general manager of Enel X Argentina. Enel X’s agreement with Banco Santander to supply and finance the purchase of distributed energy generation and energy-efficient equipment is an effective way to implement the energy transition.
Santander exhibition stand

Burmac, soaking up the power of the sun

Photovoltaic panels on the roof
In line with its goal of enhancing environmental stewardship through increasing energy efficiency, Burmac S.A. turned to Enel X. The Argentine pecan nuts producer was provided with a turnkey solution that includes 72 solar panels that ensure a total 39 kWp of power and 53,72 MWh of annual generation capacity. Based in La Criolla, in Argentina's Entre Rios province, Burmac chose renewable energy as part of efforts to decarbonize its operations. The panels installed by Enel X will enable Burmac to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 18 tons per year, an amount equal to that obtained by planting 863 trees and comparable to the yearly emissions produced by seven cars or six typical houses. The project was financed through Banco Santander, the institutional bank that has created a global partnership with Enel X aimed at supplying and financing solar facilities, lithium batteries and energy efficiency solutions for SMEs and corporations.