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The World Economic Forum rewards Enel X for being at the forefront of decarbonization

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Published on FEBRUARY 23, 2022
The efforts and results achieved by Enel X for being at the forefront of decarbonization were rewarded by the World Economic Forum 2022 at Davos. Enel X led the provision of smart energy services in the Italian municipality of San Mauro Torinese to retrofit and digitalize the portfolio of their municipality buildings. The objectives achieved were to reduce municipal operating expenses and increase energy efficiency at the building and portfolio levels while maximizing the quality of life for local residents.The project underscores how digital technologies can unlock value creation within buildings, synchronizing operations across the building portfolio to enable net zero carbon projects. The specifics of the operation outlined by the World Economic Forum can be viewed in detail by consulting the paper titled “Accelerating the Decarbonization of Buildings: The Net-Zero Carbon Cities Building Value Framework”.
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San Mauro Torinese and the project with Enel X

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Smart Public Lighting

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The project, launched in March 2021, by Enel X and the municipality of San Mauro Torinese, is two-pronged: to enable energy efficiency in 17 buildings of the municipality and develop the urban regeneration of public lighting. One of the highlights is the realization of a Nearly Zero Energy Building, meaning with no environmental impact. The overall energy efficiency realized will reduce emissions by 320 tons per year; it will also foster economic growth, reduce costs and implement social and environmental sustainability. What this means ultimately is the improvement in the life quality of residents in the municipality. The success of this project has put the municipality at the forefront as a case study for efficiency and gained further recognition for Enel X as “a leading smart energy service provider”.

What is a net-zero carbon building?

What is a zero carbon building? It is a building equipped with digital technologies that gather and analyze energy consumption data and use it to optimize heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security and other services. Energy efficiency in smart building consist in systems of intelligent and adaptable software that communicates with sensors and microchips installed on utility meters and water and heating systems. The ultimate objectives of smart building technology are energy efficiency, reducing pollution and waste, saving money, and sustainability.
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Innovation and Sustainability

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Net zero carbon project that consumes less energy is a key element of climate proof, decarbonized and resilient urban areas. To function they rely on technologies that enable energy efficient buildings to be sustainable. Enel X's smart building services and solutions include digital management systems and ways to produce and store clean energy, such as solar photovoltaic plants coupled with batteries. We also offer technologies to reduce consumption, such as LED lighting and heat pumps. A number of measures can be put in place to improve a building’s energy efficiency as well as implementing an integrated energy system.