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Smart Meters, an Italian idea taking on the world

Smart Meters, an Italian idea taking on the world

Smart Meters are one of the many sustainable and circular systems we developed in Italy, and can be applied elsewhere

Get smart with Enel X

Let’s get smart. Enel X is leading the transition toward a sustainable business model by fostering and promoting the circular economy via its sharing platforms, whose tenets are reuse, renew, rethink and regenerate. Enel X’s smart grid features highlight the importance of technology and innovation in defining circularity for businesses, cities and individuals.  Following the example of Italy’s leadership in Smart Metering, the world has just gotten a whole lot smarter.
Circular economy

The Circular Economy

A new model for creating value

As the demand increases for digitalization along with the amplified need to upgrade or replace aging and outmoded electric grid structures, the smart grid market is growing by leaps and bounds. From now through 2027, the smart grid market is predicted to reach a 16% growth rate. Corporations, individuals and cities want an efficient and reliable smart grid system that powers their communities with diverse renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, as well as increase the use of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV's). They require a multifaceted system which incorporates the use of data-driven smart technology to provide a solid foundation for innovative smart grid structures. Enel X has designed and refined smart grid features to satisfy the growing demand.

Smart Meters in Italy

Smart Public Lighting

Smart Public Lighting

Shedding new light on the smart cities of the future

Public lighting, public and private charging, JuiceLamps, residential photovoltaic, storage, residential boilers, residential air conditioning and solar thermal. Italy has gotten a lot smarter, thanks to Enel X’s ambitious smart meter systems. For more sustainable practices and efficient performance with smart meter systems, Enel X developed Circular guidelines for maintenance services, and created a special program to reward optimized performance as well as circular choices.

Establishing standards for a Circular Economy approach

aerial view of a roundabout in a verdant setting
In imagining a circular economy, Enel X worked together with its partners in areas of maintenance and installation to establish standards of practice. By incentivizing service companies to utilize innovative business methods and leverage digital technology both for business and the home, it was able to offer them additional benefits.Through Enel X solutions, personnel are offered improved industry offers and businesses are rewarded for their contributions to the circular economy, recognizing increases in smart choices made by consumers, as well as a company’s improved level of "circular" performance.

A Circular Economy worldwide

These initiatives are not only being carried out in Italy: Enel X has heeded the call to bring these circular economy business models to the rest of the world, in collaboration with local partners. Public lighting in Spain is now being improved thanks to the recovery and reuse of old parts, along with the collection of functioning JuicePole materials which can be used in the repair and maintenance of these systems in Italy and Spain. Enel X plans to roll out the same strategy of recycling JuicePole parts in Latin America.
This renewable approach of extending a material’s life cycle is also being carried out in Chile, whereby Enel X has developed a method to replace old wood stoves with air-conditioning units which offer heating and cooling modalities, at no extra charge. The process not only offers incredible economic savings for families, but also reduces toxic emissions in the air, thereby improving quality of life inside and out.

The smart meter market is growing global

The global smart meters market is growing with a rising focus on smart grids in order to satisfy an increase in demand from governments to replace conventional meters, and, most importantly, to respond to the growing needs of consumers who are concerned about energy conservation.
With heightened awareness among individuals, corporations  and governments, the smart meter is flourishing both in hardware and software markets, and Enel X has already begun sharing it with the world.