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EV Charging Stations

Scalable, intelligent, avant-garde solutions for people, cities and businesses

Charging the e-Mobility Journey

In a world moving towards decarbonization, our mission is to facilitate the energy transition of public and private transportation. Our goal is to increase awareness and to present Enel X as a catalyst for electric mobility around the world, offering innovative solutions for individuals, public administrations and companies. Our portfolio of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions is designed for private, public and corporate use, both inside and outside urban areas. We aim to be in the right place, offering the right power at the right price.

Circular Product

The Enel X series of electric vehicle chargers for urban areas are made using renewable energy and their parts can be recovered and reused. They power sustainable mobility for private individuals and public administrations alike, making cities more circular, comfortable and clean.

Photo of a JuicePump, Enel X circular product


Sustainable inputs, sharing platform, product-as-a-service, life extension.

Long Way Up

Long Way Up, an electrifying journey

A documentary chronicles an e-motorbike journey up the Pan-American Highway, powered by Enel X charging stations.

Open-air EV charging solution JuicePole

JuicePole: innovative and renewable technology

EV charger in recycled plastic make e-mobility even more sustainable

Recycling plastic to recharge e-mobility

How to recycle plastic to make charging stations even more sustainable